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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Determine the minimum cable size for a 28A single phase final sub circuit originating from the distribution board supplied by three phase submain. The route length of the final sub circuit is 54 m. Assume 1% voltage drop in the consumer's mains. Submain specification: Cable: 50mm2 4 core V75 copper; Route length 42m; Maximum demand 135A per phase

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what is difference between 2wire method and 4wire method of winding resistance testing of transformer?

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What will happen if " not connecting the neutral point to ground of diesel generator output (380 V)", also if someone touched one phase without isolation from ground during the A/M condition what will happen to him?

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what is metering cum synchronizing panel and how it is used?



what is the value of current as well as voltage upto which we will not feel shock and why?

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sigal phase supply is 230 v ac two phase supply is 415 v ac why three phase supply is 415 v ac why not 690 v ac

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How to connect the earthing in aircraft?

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what is the difference between linear choke and suction choke?



Electrical Design specifications


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what is difference between the buscoupler and bus raiser?


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Before i went to bed my master bathroom lights were working fine. At 2 am, when I went to use the lights, none of them were working. The outlets throughout the bathroom work, but the lights and fan above the toilet don't. I have two panels of switches. The one panel has four switches. One of the switches turns on the hall light, and that works. The other three are to other lights, and they don't. The other panel has three switches. One of those is to the fan, and the other is to a light above the toilet. The other is a to light that is also on that other panel. I tried the breakers, and the one that turns off the outlets, marked for the bathrooom, turns on and off the outlets. None seemed to be tripped. I checked the lightbulbs, and they are fine. Please help

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please send me privious exam's queation papers of section engineer(electrical).



what percentage of marks in B-TECH is needed for section engineering exam


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If there is volagte between earth and neutral, what should be the reason ? and solution * What should be allowable limit in case, if the voltage between earth and neutral exist ? / OR what is limit for safe voltage between earth and neutral?

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what is the diff. between power transformer & distribution transformer.....

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Zone of protection and tripping scheme of arc protection relay.




what is the chiller and working principal


What is the relationship between voltage,current & frequency?


how to calculate the cable current ratingand and how much of distance the rating will be ok will the distance is incresed what the action we take


i want use the cable size 16cx4 core aluminium usege watts 240x2000w this cable size is correct?


What is the diffrence (Technical & Construction ) between CBCT & Normal CT?


what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?


What is the effect of interchanging core(made of steel) and winding(made of copper) material in case of transformer? Give proper explanation in regard to different losses in transformer.


solar energy light efficiency & disadvantages?


what r PID controllers?why they r used?what is there purpose?plz Explain in detail


what is the minimum winding resistance of 30hp compressor, to run or to switch on


how to check three phase motor torque value?


what is the relationship between current&voltage in practical purpose ?


If VFD is On but no starting commond on it. so how many outpout voltages of VFD