what is the value of current as well as voltage upto which
we will not feel shock and why?

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what is the value of current as well as voltage upto which we will not feel shock and why?..

Answer / ramesh

mainly it is voltage which cause the shock, but it always
associated with current no matter of magnitude.For ac
voltage 40v for dry skin and about for wet skin is harmful.

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what is the value of current as well as voltage upto which we will not feel shock and why?..

Answer / nithi

shock is mainly depending on the value of current flowing
through our body & also the condition of body(wet(or)dry).
If the current is above 5mA ,we will feel shock .so,shock
doesnot depend on the value of voltage(low voltage doesnot
mean low hazards).As i already said,shock is fully
depending our body condition.

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what is the value of current as well as voltage upto which we will not feel shock and why?..

Answer / arvind

Dear nithi,
if 5mA current is following that means it is a leakage
current and means voltage should be more and current should
be less it means voltage only giving the shock not the
current. and one more thing what u said is 5mA whether this
value is for single phase or three phase?

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