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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the equipment used to control the generator output?

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What are the factors to be considered during the Synchronization?

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What should be value of Circuit breaker operating time and tripping time?

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Why the CT Secondary is rated as 5A generally?

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At which time Synchronous generator act as a Synchronous Condenser?

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What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta Test in Transformer bushing?

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What are the protections to be used for Generator?

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. Draw the vector diagram and condition for the following: 1) Dyn1 2) Ynd0 3) YnYn0

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What happens when the polarity changes in CT? Explain briefly?

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Explain the Term in CT Name Plate – Class: 5P10

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why the transformer is not operates on two phase?

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What is the difference between Class PX & Class X CT's


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What is the purpose of lighting Transformer used in Industries for Lighting illumination? Its necessary or not?

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Why Motors are generally supplied with 3 core cables??? why not 4C??

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What size cable (based on voltage drop) is required to supply a 40 A three phase boiler if the wiring system is 75V single insulated cables installed in non-metallic rigid conduit 56m from the main switchboard? Voltage drop in the consumer's mains is 8V.


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

difference between servo motor and synchronous motor


How to calculate pitch, gauge of winding wire, and No. of turns for 30HP, 3 phase, 4 poles 50Hz, 380V induction motors


how can i get the formula to find out the cable size if i know the load of main fuse protection.


Is there chopping current in resistive circuit


what is the difference betweem star connected motor & delta connected motor?


What are the different modes of plc processor?


Why do we use center tap transformer that used with portable tools


Actually I have a doubt on neutral and earth.we use Ac power without taking neutral by connecting to earth,but at that time does it affects on efficiency of any electrical components or no? If yes how?


What is voltage ratio of a transformer?


What do you understand by avr?


how load of a turbo generator can be increased




Did RMU have ct and pt ?


The knee point of a current transformer is normally unique and known.So why in the nameplate of a CT they put the minimum value like this Vk> 400v.


How to design the no. of ceiling fans required in 5mtr X 10 mtr X 3 Mtr hight room?