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Synechron Interview Questions
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How does a DCOM component know where to instantiate itself?

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How to write testcases for a general objects like 1.pen 2.paper 3.printer 4.Mobile 5.Bulb machine 7.calculator 8.Mobile 9.telephone...etc

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How to retrieve duplicate rows in a table? How to delete the duplicate entries in a table?

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What is the another extention name of library file.If that is exist than what's the differnce between them.

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actually how many hours per one day we will work on automation(qtp) in real time

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how to retreive the xml file data through qtp.can anybody send script for this..

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how to invoke the web application through script in qtp

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what is actually contain test report? can anybody post the test report


how to retrieve the xml file data through qtp. can anybody send script for this..

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actually how many hours per one day we will work on automation (qtp) in real time

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What is the another extension name of library file. If that is exist than what's the difference between them.

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1.How recognize QTP Dyanamic Image? (suppose tha wedpage contains 3 logos..1 square 3.rectangel)there changing at same position how to capture that)

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give me some brief idea about audits

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is memory to the abstract class allocated ..or objects not instantiated

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How do you scope,organise and execute a test project.


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i have an external excel datasheet where it only contains 3 rows. after qtp executed the code to import the datasheet, the datatable getrowcount method now gives me a different value, lets say 60,000+ instead of only 3. i did not have any values starting from row 4 of my excel file. why is this happening? this also results to the qtp report to load for a very long time.


Synechron Interview Questions
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