Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

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why odd hormonics only will effect the power system.why not even hormonics

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Can any body tell me what is use of END OF LINE RESISTOR in fire alaram circuit?

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what is different between DIGITAL and ANALOG?

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Can any body tell me about INNER SHUNT COMPOUND MOTOR diagram?


what is the differnce between vector and phasor? are both same or there is difference between two term.?

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In batteries after completion of charging which colour gas is emitted from it?


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(1)Electrical power is generated in KV, power consunmed is in MW and the transformers used are in KVA. How is KVA converted to MW as power being consumed by the consumers? (2)What is vector group of a transformer?

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Why we are measured insulation resistance applied through DC Voltage?

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function of soft starter .

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what is different between DIGITAL and ANALOG?

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why the voltage level is changed when the unearth cable is earth

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WhY PF low at Time of PT Missing in HT Meter


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When One Phase PT Missing (voltage drop ) this time current is zero of This phase(PT Missing Phase) and current is Not Zero of other Phase but PF is always Low That Why



what happenes if two voltage source connected in parallel will be connected to load.

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will 1050kva DG set withstand for back charge of 16MVA transformer


I have one ct of ratio 3000-2000/1 Amp its knee point voltage mentioned on name plate is 500-333/30mA-50mA at Vk/2. in secondary box there is three terminal named 1S1, 1S2, 1S3 then on which terminal obtained the knee point voltage ie 1S1-1S2 OR 1S1-1S3 & also specify the knee point voltage for the ratio 3000 from name plate.


what is the difference between Central Battery System and UPS in applications and uses? and why UPS suitable for Computers and central battery for emergency lighting?


What happen when change order of CT in GIS feeder?


how to find out 3 phase complex power in per unit in unbalanced system?


What is the effect on in Zone and out zone fault if Phase side CT is Vk/2<30 mA and Neutral side is CT is Vk/4<30 mA for Transformer REF protection


How to test IR testing & magnetic balance test


Which Class insulation is prefered for the sandwich Busducts ? Why?


what is the difference between earth leakage and earth fault?


what is meant by 3rd hormonics ?


What is Negative Potential Bias


sugest any typical project ?


grr resistance & contrator malt continuous


what's prime importance of protection in electrical system.if protection system don't work properly what can happen in electrical system?


How to design inductive load for 3 phase 440v and maximum 5 amps for star or delta? Can we use a 15kW, 1450rpm motor for 15kW, 960rpm apllication?If yes.how......n.if thesame motor used what`s it`s sideeefect.