Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Can the Neutral and Body Earthpits of a transformer conncted together by Earth strips under ground.


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What is the battery voltage limit

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How much load with stand the copper cable by sq mm apro..

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why use generator Earthing/Graunding.

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what is earthing.how we make it,describe briefly.



If one 10 Hp 3phase induction motor connected in 380volt 50Hz. and again its connected to 380volt 60Hz. howmuch currrent and power take on both time?????

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how to calculate AH of a battery?


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define digital electronic


Can any one explain me about 2 phase motors ?


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What is the difference between Isolator & Load Break Switch?


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does a DG set has low fault level as compared to that of a transformer.If yes then why.


what happenes if the core of the transformer saturates?

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1.In two wattmeter method if one wattmeter shows Negative reading then wat is reason? 2.Wat is the reason for low voltage in houses? 3.Wat is meant by current and voltage? wat is difference between the two?


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what is the easiest method of short circuit current calculation ? pls. derive with a mathematical example in real life application.

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how to calculate the no. of earth pits required for an electrical installation?


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Can anyone explain me about the capacitor calculation


Define end float in a motor?


Please brief working principle & construction of permanent magnet AC Servo motor


Is it a better option to procure screw type air compressor rather than reciprocating air compressor?If so, what is the reason?How should we select an air compressor(100 CFM)? Please mention the important parameters of air compressor.


Why is tan-delta test and capacitor measurement done on alternator?


Explain about Leakage Test.


1. The DC generaror,s induced output emf is connected with a DC motor(as load). when increasing the load of the motor by using brake drum or any way. what are the parameters will changes in both motor and generator(voltage, current, resistance, frequency, speed, torque, power, flux etc...) 2. Similarly for AC generator and AC motor 3. similarly if using DC batteries instead of DC generator, What happens?


what is the power factor used by the PHCN in nigeria? 2. what is the difference between an alternator and generator. 3. Generation of poweris in KV but how is transmission is in MW. 4.If the transmission of power is 20,000MW how can it be increaesed to 80,000MW


How to findout raw or ups power? its not indicated in socket,


The transmission does not have options: a)Partition noise b) Flicker noise c) resistance d) Short noise and reason


what is the max. acceptable leakage current in 33kv bus bar


Types of test in Switchgears, MCC, NGR and DB's how it should be procced. Can anyone give me the details here or email me to pasuvaraj.k@gmail.com


why we dont prefer ac voltage controller instead dimmerstat [if both have same rating] for conducting experiments in laboratories?


l&t switch FN 63 handle position can we change


How many types of oil using in H/T & L/T Oil Circuit Breakers. need Explenation ?