Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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which IS or IEC is used for earthing,breakdown voltage of transformer oil, hv/pd testing and all type of electrical testing


What happens on the secondary of a 33kV/11kV when one phase of the primary fuse blows?

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roles of owslaw explain?


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how to calculate capacitor bank value to maintain unity power factor plz xplain with some suitable xample?

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xplain in detail d pr. of synchronous motors? why syn. generators r used for the production of electricity?

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what is the exact direction of current? as we know current travels from higher potential to lower potential,so if we take battery +ve to -ve implies current direction is from positive terminal to negative terminal.,whereas electrons flow from negative to positive as they are attracted by positive ions.current will be the plow of charge but not flow of positive ions.please clarify my doubt friends.

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why supervision relay is used in incoming feeders?

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how it can be decided what will be the rating of CT and PT to be used in LT or HT cables?

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A rotor of an induction machine is delta connected. Now is there any necessacity to short the slip rings?


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There are a Transformer and an induction machine. Those two have the same supply. For which device the load current will be maximum? And why?

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Will a 230VAC motor run OK at 208VAC.

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Hi How can you start-up the 40w tube lite with 230v AC/DC without using any choke/Coil.

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what is "pu" in electrical engg.

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what is transient stability analysis means?


How ships are protected from lightning?

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What is the loss of power of transformer 220kv/33kv,63/80mva of % imp12.05 at 80%load


i am electrical and elctronics engg passed out in 2009 want to attend for reliance placements.plz send me apttitude ,technical and hr question answers to my mail plz. my mail id-kat.bindas@gmail.com


Is there a standard depth of gravel fill in Substation Switchyard? Please give a design/drawing. Thank you.


is it possible to turn on the single phase star delta on delay timer using 24 v dc ?


A ray hit a smooth regular surface at an angle of 20 from the normal. Calculate : 1. The angle btw the incident and reflection ray. 2. The angle of deviation.


how to find the resistance and gap volatage of the diode??




As per the Anchor capstan motor specification, full load current is 200A. starting current is 1750 A and acceleration time is less than 8 seconds. Please guide for selection of cable size.


would the same effect be achieved by reversing the connection to one winding of the induction motor 3-phase?


in cvt,there are two windings,1a,1n and 2a,2n.in my one project i use only one winding i.e.1a,1n. the other winding is not in use, so i connect it in open delta and want to close it by ibsertibg thermal resistor. the output of cvt is 132kv/115/sqrt3. plesae tell me exact value of resistor, so i may close it to avoid the resonance phenomenin. send me answer on this email adress please. aetcon-po@aetcon.com


How to calculate LT XLPE CABLE for 11 kv / 433 v , 1000 kva oil type transformer system?


State any two nuclear power stations in India, with their generating capacity.


How many lightning arrestors to be installed on 50MX60MX10M building and is there any formular for that?


what kinds of Transformer oil grade is better for power transformer ?


how to identify vector group of three phase transformer by voltage method?