Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the function of the serge absorber?

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What is a unit of gravity (Battery)

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what is the difference between surge arrestor and lightning arrestor ?

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what is the difference between scaler and vector control in drive and where it is to be used ?

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What is the fuction of UV & how it works in circut breakers? is it one type of relay?

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In which working principal temperature transmitter work.explain in detailed.


What is Harmonics & what are its efect & which harmonic is dangerous


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How to find out kvar from any particular load capacity give a formula

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what are the units of cable insulation?

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What is the purpose of starter and choke in tube light?

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will a bulb glow connected to two phases of a delta connection?

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Why use the VCB at High Transmission System ? Why can't use ACB? Pls explain the ans.

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what we happen if 400 kvar cpacitor banks are on in manual mode and there is no load on mains ??????????????

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how to calculate cable size by amp


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what is electric traction?

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How to test Alternator stability test for REF relay


What is the theoretical reason for the size of a zig zag grounding transformer to be 1.732 times less than that of a wye-delta grounding transformer used for the same application?


how to remover corona effect and hysteresis losses from contactor


What is CVT and what is relation with wave trap?


what is booster? and how it is connected in a circuit?


we have earthmat at 110KV substation.we would like to take earth resistance.b some says that by connecting earth megger terminals (C1,P1) at middile point of earthmat (at riser) will cause voltage gradient at other earthmat nods and dont get exat earth resistance.when connecting at end nods will get exat value . is it correct .please explain


Why to keep capacitor bank off while generator running.


why we use ac supply as 415 volts instead of 415 v why we cant apply 230 v for dc


what is difference between line differential and transformer differential?


why we used dc supply for field in dg set


Both generator parallel condition shared load equally but one genrator taking ampere more than the other what are all the causes to make like this


where rlc series ckt used?


3Cx240 & 3Cx300 sqmm Al. cable from lv side. What is the calculation for this cable??


Comparision of Air break circuit breaker, SF6 Circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breaker.


will 1050kva DG set withstand for back charge of 16MVA transformer