Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what solid earthing means?

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difference between a four point starter and three point starter

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?

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enlist types of dc generator


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plz tell me in detail about c.t. and p.t. ?

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How to calculate electrical Induction motor heating and cooling time constant,11KV,2850,12P,SCIM

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In PFI plant one stage capacitor connection is directly connected(with out megnetic contact controll). but why?



for 1000kva transformer how kvar rating is need for this PFI plant. and how does it will calculate? and Apmpere rating of main cable connection?

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errection check list for transformer maintenance



how we select the fuse and OLR rating for 3 phase induction motor from 1HP TO 100 HP?


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our company have 750 kva oil transformer.still we have facing a problem that is when voltage is 11.5 kv coming from HT side then LT-side voltage is 420v or above at tape 1.please give me best solution to decrease the voltage.

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if we are using ACB in a panel the how much clearance do we need in panel room.

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For Synchronisation of DG Sets Sometimes we people use NIC (Neutral Isolation Contactor) Instead of 4-pole ACB or any switchgerar..Please guide me why is it so????

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can we use metering current transformer as protection current transformer if not why? & if yes why?


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how do i work out the Amps of a incommer if i am running 1 37 KW motor and a 0,75 KW motor and some solinoids


What does the a,b,c of 95a,95b,95c relays denotes?


what convarts RRA in alternator ,AC to DC or DC to AC,


What is the permissible limit of shaft voltage for 6.6 KV motors ? Why? Is there any standard is available?


How to calculate capacitor bank size at a load 800kVA.


which are the criterias needed to select the kind of neutral earthing(solid earthing,resistance earthing,etc.) at various voltage levels in electrical distribution?


we have a 2.5hp Starite electric motor water pump,the elec motor burned out,we need to replace starting capacitor(old capacitor specs erased),what microfarad rating capacitor do we need? 110-125V


1) What are your personal strength? 2) What are your personal areas of improvement? 3) What are your expectations from from a particular job? 4) what are your carrier objectives?


Explain using drawings what is reverse PID action w.r.t PID controllers.


In both 600/1000 V cable and 450/750 V cable, we can supply 415 V. However for distribution, all utilities are using only 600/100 V instead of 450/750 V. What is the reason?


I want to know the 'Test voltage' for Tandelta testing of 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 KV Motors. Please explain


Why single phase induction motors are not self starting ?


How we can come to know the substation range,without go through any name plate ?


anyone please send transformer parameter design formulas & details of tap changer ? plz i have interview this week its more helpful for me ?


what is meant by surge? what we called for high currents?