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I have installed a RTD whose length is 2250mm(RTD stem length), but it's upper 200 -250mm is out of the reactor, and this upper 200mm stem is surrounded by atmospheric temp. And the lower portion i.e. 2000mm is in contact with the measuring fluid, then does the final measuring temp. Gonna change as the upper 200mm RTD stem is out of reactor?

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How does a single acting, spring return ball valve actually work? Does it require continuous air supply? 

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In a ball valve which require 24v dc supply to operate, whose solenoid valve doesn't have any + or - indication, how can we make wiring connectionto solenoid valve?

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What is the difference between conductive lined pipe and conductive unlined pipe? Why do we see that?

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Why does a pressure gauge installed on reactor, doesn't have any vent line below to release the pressure? Is it any kind of designing mistake or it actually does not require any vent line? And if it does not require any vent line below it then how we are gonna release the pressure built inside the pressure gauge?

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Is it ok, to use non-contact type Radar type LT, on a tank that is half circular from the bottom side? If yes the, isn't the waves gonna bent in other directions? 

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What is shielding effect?

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What is heating effect?

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Why is the length of cable layyed from RTD to temp. Transmitter should be minimum? Why does heating effect takes place in their?

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Why do we use triad cable for RTD to Temp.transmitter connection? Why we don't use 3 core cable?

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What are continuances of connecting earthing and shield of branch cables (instrument to Junction box), at the same earthing pot provided on JB? Is it ok, or may produce some problem? 

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Why do we have earthing cable in branch cable and shield in the same cable?

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Why 1-5 vdc a standard?

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Hello Friends do you know this answer of this Question? Which color you would use when there is Somthing not correct or need to change In P&ID? i mean color that use for highlight that need to update in P&ID. Yellow Highlighter ? Red color ? Blue Color ? Appreciate for your answer. Thanks Blue Color

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10 sq m ,25mm thickness 1:2:4 cement and concrete floor how much cement required?       2 , if truck has a capcacity of 8 ton then how many bricks we can put on it ?

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Why does the 'divisibility by 3' rule work?


What is the veriplus for ellips card length formula (major axis 3.4m,minar axis 2.6m spacing 0.2m


could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site!


What happen when the expansion valve is excessively open?


what is the three phase induction motor? what is difference between motor used in household instruments and induction motor?


What are the disadvantages of thermal power plant?


anyone send me aptitude and technical placement paper of Hewitt


what is the usage of microcontroller in the panel board?


what is the synchronous timer ? and it applications.


how does the properties of an element changes by increasing protons and electrons?


what can made electronic car by your company?


Define water softening?


I am in need of question set of ONGC Electronics & Communication


How can you identify mild steel, cast iron, and high carbon steel?


can u send me previous question papers of secction engineer (electronics),chennai rrb.