Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is the defination of calibration & verification?

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what is specificity?

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why we use only vanilline , acetanilide,& caffeine For the Calibration of melting point appartus?

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who is the father modern liqiud chromatogrphy?

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what is the meaning of ventillation in HPLC?

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which solvent is highest poler acetonitrile dimethyl formamide methanole tetrahydrofurane buffer solution

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what is the difference betwen the analytical column & peparative column?

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why we conclude the area% for the chromatographic purity?

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what is the general mechanism of high performance liqiud chromatography?

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why 2Theta value is consider in the XRPD spectra and how to consider the 2 Theta value

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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation


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what does optical rotation and specific rotataion means,difference between them

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what is regration method in method validation , how we can calculate it.

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viod volume and dead time

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i want model written test paper for the post of analyst in IOCL(indian oil corporation ltd) any one pls help me


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Why we check moisture,ash & AIA in product


we can use expired sample for validation and analyst qualification?


How do we fix the sample concentaryion in hplc method development?


what is classification of elemental impurities? what is risk assement in elemental impurities?


what is the extinction coefficient for Indomethacin or at 319nm wave length.


what is diffrence between specificity and selecivity?


What is the formula for relative diffrence for standard solution in solution stability in validation?




Explain the relations between number of carbon atoms in alkanes and retention time ?


in dissolution if one bowl got 70 percent 2nd bowl got 80 percent and 3rd bowl got 90 percent then how proceed?


what is impurity profile. how to interpret this impurity profile to a drug product or drug substance.


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


Tell me something about Vitamin A test method by HPLC


If suppose 10 methods of dissolution given in pharmacopoeial for single content product then which method out of 10? or all 10 require to follow?


What is the use of tlc and hplc? And when and where use?