Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is the defination of calibration & verification?

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what is specificity?

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why we use only vanilline , acetanilide,& caffeine For the Calibration of melting point appartus?

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who is the father modern liqiud chromatogrphy?

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what is the meaning of ventillation in HPLC?

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which solvent is highest poler acetonitrile dimethyl formamide methanole tetrahydrofurane buffer solution

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what is the difference betwen the analytical column & peparative column?

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why we conclude the area% for the chromatographic purity?

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what is the general mechanism of high performance liqiud chromatography?

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why 2Theta value is consider in the XRPD spectra and how to consider the 2 Theta value

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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation


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what does optical rotation and specific rotataion means,difference between them

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what is regration method in method validation , how we can calculate it.

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viod volume and dead time

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i want model written test paper for the post of analyst in IOCL(indian oil corporation ltd) any one pls help me


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How to calculate coreletion coefficient


Difference between hlaf and rlaf


what type of questions asked on analytical balance and also give answers................all pharma companies?


My question about gas chromatography sulfur chemiluminsecence detector. I test unknown sample gas by GC-SCD (calibrated ) and the result of *H2S is 279 PPM , *but when I test the same sample with the GC-TCD (calibrated ) the value of *H2S is 2500 PPM . I'd like to inform you that both GCs are calibrated and have very good operation conditions with stable parameters . the question is if the sample gas with higher H2S over detection limits of SCD detector (1000 ppm). why the result it 279 ppm Best regards


what is lod and loq ?,why use k2cr2o7 , kcl h2so4 in uv calibration ?,why use benzophenone & caffene acetone in hplc calibration ?,what is leading peak in hplc ?why we do the calibration of limit of stry light in hplc & uv ?


What is the difference between spectro meter and spectro photo meter?


what parameters we will consider while developing a HPLC method and how we confirm our HPLC method is valid?


what is the principle of UV Vis spectroscopy, AAS, ICP OES,ICPAES, ICP-MS and FTIR


What is importance of pH in the Heavy metal test and How it effect on the test results?


Tell me something about Vitamin A test method by HPLC


How to determine water content of bis tetrazole amine mono ammonium salt


What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


sop of a uv visible spectrophotometer double beam elico model


What is gelatinization?


please explian me about area normalisation method,diluted standard method,impurity vs impurity and which one has to be selected in method development