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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?..

Answer / taksena gurung

1 First choose a proper solvent to dissolve the impure
substance. the solvent should be like that, in cold
condition the substance is insoluble or partially soluble,
and in hot condition the substance should be completely
2 After selecting the suitable solvent, dissolve the given
substance in it, and heat it till the substance completly
dissolve forming clear solution.
3 now filter this hot solution immediatly through the
filter paper. the insoluble impurity remains on the filter
paper and collect the filtrate in a dish and allow to cool
without disturbng the container.
4 the filtrate on cooling gives crystals which are pure,
homogenous, and bigger in size.

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?..

Answer / bhavin mehta

Recrystallization is a laboratory technique used to purify
solids based on their different solubilities.

Recrystallization Steps are

1)Add a small quantity of appropriate solvent to an impure
2)Apply heat to dissolve the solid.
3)Cool the solution to crystallize the product.
4)Use vacuum fitration to isolate and dry the purified

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?..

Answer / dinesh gurav

Recrystallisation is a crystallisation process of impure or
crude solid materials in different solvents and at diff.
experimental parameters like temp,pH and quantity of
solvents to elute out the unwanted compounds
[Impurities,Polymorphs] to get a compound of desired

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?..

Answer / tulasi

if compoune is dissolved in acid
then we have to add base and viceversa

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