Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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One Raw material failed assay test is there any chance for failing purity of that material ?


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What are the differences between GC and HPLC?

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Why do we need GC instead of HPLC? or Why do we need HPLC instead of GC?

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What is linearity in HPLC and how will you test?

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what is the difference between polarimeter lamp and ir lamp


What is the difference of time between two consecutive injections in HPLC?

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what is difference between IR lamp and polarimeter lamp

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Why dissolution test is not performed in all of the products

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why we need to do karl ficher fector ?


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Why we are use 0.005M Sulphuric acid, in control of absorbance performance test UV Spectrophotometer calibration

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How much sample concentration should i inject against diluted standard in related substances for drug product in hplc analysis


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how to prepare 25 ppm acetone. explian with formula

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why sucrose not used in polarimeter calibration?


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What is the diffeence between assay and uniformity of content

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why ur using toulene in hexane in u.v calibration?


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mode of absorption in alimentary canal?


Please tell me about the pH of Polycaboxylic ether is it in the 5-6 range ever or more than 6


How to decide assay range for non pharmacopeial API analysis by HPLC? Could you give me any reference for same e.g Guidelines or Paper publications?


How to calculate coreletion coefficient


Ratio of Water and Acetonitrile(diluent) is not recommended to use in cleaning method validation,why?


What is the difference between spectro meter and spectro photo meter?


how will you do the prep for unstable componds?


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


what is the principle of UV Vis spectroscopy, AAS, ICP OES,ICPAES, ICP-MS and FTIR


What is the purpose of octyl silane columns?


Which type of column should i use to check the purity of high molecular weight protein using HPLC reverse phase column chromatography? Hi everyone. I wanna to check the purity of high molecular weight protein (collagen) with MW of ~130 kDa using a HPLC. I know C18


Why we used in n-butyl acetate water content terminology while in ethyl acetate we used moisture content terminology?


how to calibrate hplc & gc


why does used dry caffien in HPLC calibration?


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