Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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One Raw material failed assay test is there any chance for failing purity of that material ?


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What are the differences between GC and HPLC?

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Why do we need GC instead of HPLC? or Why do we need HPLC instead of GC?

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What is linearity in HPLC and how will you test?

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what is the difference between polarimeter lamp and ir lamp


What is the difference of time between two consecutive injections in HPLC?

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what is difference between IR lamp and polarimeter lamp

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Why dissolution test is not performed in all of the products

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why we need to do karl ficher fector ?


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Why we are use 0.005M Sulphuric acid, in control of absorbance performance test UV Spectrophotometer calibration

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How much sample concentration should i inject against diluted standard in related substances for drug product in hplc analysis


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how to prepare 25 ppm acetone. explian with formula

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why sucrose not used in polarimeter calibration?


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What is the diffeence between assay and uniformity of content

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why ur using toulene in hexane in u.v calibration?, Cipla,

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For titration in anhydrous media with perchloric acide, if lack of titrator, Which indicator is been used for replacement. How calculate pH of test solution to choose suitable indicator?


In Dissolution Test why limit is define Q+5% what is the role of +5%.


How they found 1mL of K.F reagent is equivalent to 5mg of water and if we change the composition of K.F reagent, is it can neutralize more amount of water?


What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


In IR spectra, generally a molecule vibrates without apply emr or ir light?


In Karl Fischer titration,What is the situation if the material tested is only soluble in water,and not soluble in the common solvents used such as methanol ?? [e.g. Iron III Hydroxide polymaltose]


In dissolution of tablets/capsules elaborate the Dissolution limit 20.0% to 60% Q in 30 minutes.


In GC calibration,what is the procedure to calibrate the TCD (thermal counductivity detector)suggest ?


what is procedure of actual procedure for registration of drug?


all types of questions asked at the cipla interview


Identify problem faced when mass spectroscopy is used with HPLC system ?


why disodium tartarate used in karl-fischer instrument ?.


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


Home heating oil or furnace oil what is made from? Can (base oil plus diesel/kerosen) = home heating oil?