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How can we calibrate the burette dispencing capacity in
metrorm kf titration calibration

How can we calibrate the burette dispencing capacity in metrorm kf titration calibration..

Answer / subash

First thing is that clean the burette about 3 to 4 times
with disttled water for removal of air gaps or previous
After sufficient cleaning fill the bureete with distilled
water and make sure that there is no bubbles formation this
lead to misreading.
First weigh the required volumetric flask similar to the
didpensing burette volume using balance i.e initial weight
Dispense the disttled water completely in to volumetric
flask and weigh the volumetric flask again i.e Final weight

Actual weight= Final weight-Initial weight

The weight can be converted to Volume using formula


Density changes with temperature and note the down the
temperature at which calibration is done.

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