How to prepare 50 ppm ammonia solution form 25% ammonia

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Answer / vani

First convert ppm to %.i.e.50ppm/10,000=0.005%
Then apply c1v1=c2v2;
c1=25%;v1=volume to be taken from 25% solution;
c2=0.005%; v2=100ml

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Answer / paresh jobanputtra , cadila

Take 20mg Ammonia soln and make up it 100 ml...
then it is Prepered 50 ppm of ammonia soln....

Paresh Jobanputtra....Cadila

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Answer / greg

Convert % to ppm. This is probably faster.

Ammonia Solution
1% = 10000ppm
25% = 250000 (25/100 = 0.25 X 1000000)

C1V1 = C2V2
C1 = 50 ppm (target solution concentration)
V1 = 100 mL (targer solution volume)

C2 = 250000 ppm (stock solution concentration)
V2 = X (stock solution volume required)

V2 = 0.02 mL diluted to 100mL in a volumetric flask

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Answer / nitishtyagi

Plz all asns  correct ....

0.02ml in 100 ml

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Answer / ruchi

Please give an accurate ans. with explanation. All ans.are.different

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Answer / qamaruddin

25%AMMONIA MEANS 25g in 100 ml.
above solution 0.25g/ml or 250mg/ml.
250mg of 25% ammonia solution in 100ml=2.5mg/ml
and dilute 2ml(2.5mg/ml sol)in 100ml = 0.05mg/ml.
0.05mg/ml is equal to 50ppm.

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Answer / dinesh solanki

25% ammonia means 25*10000 ppm = 25*10000=250000 ppm

Take 1mL from 25% Ammonia solution ---> 100mL (2500ppm)
Again dilute 2mL to 100mL with water (50ppm)

In short 1mL to 100mL with water and from that 2mL to 100mL with water.

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Answer / pavan

25%AMMONIA MEANS 25g in 100 ml.
convert in to mg/ml.
25000mg in 100 ml (i.e2500ppm)
take 2ml of 25%ammonia and dilute to 100 ml that is equal
to 50ppm.

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