Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the condition of transformer parallel operation ?


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What is the formula for find out the height of chimeny of a powerplant?

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why prds line tapping taken from ms line as Pri SH O/L temp & pressure is sufficient to full fill our requirement of PRDS..


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Why attempration spray is used after hp heater?

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what are the steps of syncronizing the generator with an infinite grid?

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Due to the sensitive earth fault Our Power plant Get Tripped Several Times, It happens in the morning time daily, When temperature rises that means sun rises the earth fault current get lower, in this situation What should I do to get rid of this Problem?

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how mony power plants in India

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What will happen if the Air Preheater is placed before the Economiser?

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Why high pressure turbines are single flow 

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under which situation or why restricted earth fault protection operates in out side its zone that is external fault

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explain(why) with circuit for pick up of restricted earth fault protection due to external fault

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what is absolute separator, how it works, what are the types in it

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How to calculate power press toneage


if suppose boiler has high heavy tube leakage, so in which time we feed the water in a boiler. can we stop the feed water at particular combustion temperature.

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How We Calibrate the vaccum transmitter?


What vibration parameters are monitored in a directly coupled single cylinder turbine and generator?


Which will have more strain energy 1.Spring 2.Circular disc 3.Solid square plate.


procedure of how to generate power in solar plant.


our 125 kva DG does not start in AUTO mode works normally in MANUAL mode please give me a solution.....


what is restricted earth fault explain in details


what is need of primary water system in power plant?


why is the in steam turbine axial displacement of active side thrust pad is positive and non active side thrust pad is negative.


im try to calculating seawater flow required for SW-FGD system. I need a guide, equation or method to do it, can some one help me! Thanks very much


can u please tell me how to calculate the concrete quantity for a under reamed pile? r=300mm,depth=3m for a cylinder and for bulb l=.750mm,width=.525


some one can tell me how residual type excitation is provided through transformers to an AC generator without any battery or PMG&excitor


What is difference between secondary Air & Tertiary Air and Their use.?


Why superheated are started before I'd and rd fan?


How to calculate power press toneage


what is the trip circuit supervision in an electrical meaning?