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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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whats the working principle of level transmeter?

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Can Any body tell me how to check Modbus Settings in ER300N L&T trivector meter?


what is meant by control valve sizing?

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Basically iam Instruemntation Engineer, but Iam interested in Instruments design engineering, so plz guide, is there any course, training or Softwres to become Instrument design engineer??.

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how can you change unit of totalizer in siemens mag 5000 flow meter?


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What is the SCAN time of a DCS/PLC? What is the typical value for scan time of DCS and PLC?

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How to carry out hot loop checking of closed loop pf temperature control valve & temperature transmitter?

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what is Mv with respect to temprature in thermocouple

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what is difference b/w the solinoid volve and autodrain?

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can any one help me to get bel probational engineers sample question papers. I have applied for it.


what is hart communicater? can u give brief explanation about this issue?

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How to isolate a DPT from line in the condition that process must not be disturbed,and process is also critical and no bypass is available.?


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how to calibrate steam control valve in steam turbine


how to calculate flow range in DP tx

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if i change range of flow transmitter in th field then does it need to change range in dcs?

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How RAL(Rotary air lock)works in cement industry?


how to convert MA in to measuring values..and how mwasuring values into MA ?..plz ansr.i have intervw


Hi, Is there any smart plant instrumentation design training institute in Bangalore?


In a gas over oil actuator, after the opening/closing of valve, how the gas is vented out? How does the hydraulic/gas circuit function?


how to control pid


What is the main difference between Cavitation and Flashing?


how to convert cubic metre per hour to newton cubic metre per hour


NPN transistor, SCR, Zener diode, LED, Varactor diode, Vortex meter, RTD, Resistor, Crystal


Punj lloyd is coming in our Jadavpur Universtiy campus for campus placement. Please send me some hints about the writtend exam. My email id is


Using your own examples solve a problem involving normal table. (experimental method and analysis)


Why grounding is necessary? Give example with diagram.


Calculate the maximum pressure drop that can be allowed to occur across a control valve, so that we can prevent cavitation / flashing from occurring. Use the following formula: Δ P allow = Km (P1 – PvapourA) where, Δ P allow - the maximum allowable differential pressure for sizing purposes, or terminal pressure drop; Km- the valve recovery coefficient from the manufacturer’s catalogue; P1 - absolute inlet fluid pressure; PvapourA - absolute fluid vapour pressure at the inlet temperature; Use Atmospheric pressure = 101.3 kPa, P1 = 1200 kPa(g), PvapourA = 4 kPa, KM = 0.72


what is the responsibility of an instrument commissioning supervisor


What is three element in drum level?


send me HPCL paper