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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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tell me the field & lab calibration procedure step by step with diagram of pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure transmitter, temperature switch, level switch, flow switch, flow transmitter, temperature transmitter, temperature indicator, flow indicator, level indicator, control valve, thermocouple, pressure indicator (digital & analogue),


control modes


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What is deffrence between Battery and capacitor


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What is micromotion transmitter? What is the porpose of using this transmitter?


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how many type of control valve?

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why use 4-20mA in the field of instrumentation?

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what is the difference between two wire transmitter and 4- wire transmitter

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what is the working principal of pribe


What is 1:1 redundancy ?


why 4ma show higher zero ? i have transmiter flow renge 0-1000 m3/h but 4 ma show in monitoring 200 m3/h and 20 ma show 1000 m3/h i want when 4ma show 0 m3/h and 20ma 1000m3/h

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What is the minimum rating availalbe for weld neck orifice in market?



What is eddy current? Describe the operating principle of proximity probe.


In 2 wire transmitter 1 wire is used for power and other is used for signal( 4-20)ma In 4 wire transmitter 2 wires are used for power and 2 wires are used for signal (4-20)ma . but my question is "what is the criteria or parameters we have to consider while selecting these transmitters for eg( distance, safety zones etc.

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In oil & gas industries and petrochemical industries, there are classification of zones like zone 0, zone 1, zone 2. Is there any differences in voltages or power supply supplied for the process instruments, control instruments depending on the zones

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For an Instrumentation Engineer, is there any effect on Instruments of safety zones like zone0, zone1, zone2. As an instrumentation Engineer, what we have to consider or remember while working in these areas.( zones 0,1,2).

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who's take first position in process in the timing of new installation flow transmitter and control vavle. give the answer with logical trick.


what is the electrical operation procedure for switching on 27.6MVA electric furnace.


What is difference of fanuc alpha series 16i and 18i controller.also what is differnce betn TC and MC controller


How we can check the 2 wire proxy switch? & how it is connected to DI MODULE OF PLC?


what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination


What is the procedure of calibration of Load cell?


we have level transmitter for h2s04 storage tank capacity 10k ,always there are failure of transmitter due to failure of magnetic floats ,please come up with solutions at the earliest.


what is the input of digital counter during the the calibration time?


which processor is used in dcs.


Please any one can provide latest aptitude test,technical test and interview questions for tata consulting engineering (TCE) i need it asap thanks in advance


For what reason would you possibly be compelled to make use of a Smith Predictor. Explain the idea behind the operation of this device.


Make Heater Process Logic.


How servomotor controls throttle valve of TURBINE?


what is instrument philosophy


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