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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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Dear All, Can anybody expalin me the concept of PAYROLL CONFIGURATION in detail?

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Is Work flow and Recruitment process the same in SAP HR?


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1)What is the main characteristic of SAP HR Functional module? 2) What is the difference between my SAP and ECC modules in SAP? 3) Which are the main structures in SAP HR? 4) Which SAP component is used for Human resource Planning? 5) Which are the control indicators in SAP HR? 6) What are the options for maintaining person’s details in SAP?


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1) What is the importance of offcycle payroll? 2) What role does the control record play in pay roll? 3) How do you calculate Retro accounting amounts? 4) What is symbolic account? 5) What is the difference between payroll area, payscale area and personnel area? 6) How do you identify a different wage types? 7) What features do you come across in payrolls employee attributes and CAP PCR. establish the relationship among them? 8) What are the infotypes required for a payroll process? 9) What is the difference between Indian and us payroll?


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Are cost center assignments hierarchical? Where do you assign these in OM? What do you mean by planned times? Where are these stored for an employee? What do you mean by actual times? Where are these stored for an employee? What do you mean by deviations? Where are these stored for an employee? What is time management status 7? What is it used for? What is RPTQTA00? What does it do? What is RPTIME00?

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what is tha purpose of integration b/w the OM &PA,Pupose of infogroup,link b/w the 0007&0008

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what is t-mon Rule. where it is used?


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can any one suggest the way to handle ESS & MSS ?

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What r the integration tools used in SAP


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what is interface and which interface have u used in ur implimentation? what is database have u used for personnel administration? what is the integration between P.D & payroll? what is integration between E.C.M & payroll?-----------Polaris, hyd. what is version upgrade cycle?---------- itc info tech what r the ABAP programs have u used in ur implementation? what are the patches have u used in payroll?- itc infotech


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please mail me if any one know configuration steps for positive time evaluation and study material, which urgent baisis, mail on it

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why do u want to work with polaris? plz let me know correct answaer if any one knows?

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how u get the tickets?what are the fields in the screen?

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Can you give some example of Personal Calculation rule that you wrote

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What is a Work Schedule?


Which personal actions have you performed on an employee?


what are the two methods to record actual times of an employee?


What is Cross Application Time Sheet (cats)?


if user forgets to post to FI after payroll...can he post at will he go about it


What Infotypes Are Used To Create A Position?


Integration between personnel administration & time management?


What is the link between planned working time infotype (it 0007) and basic pay infotype (it 0008)?


What are positions?


What objects does a qualification catalog contain?


What are the characteristics of the overall and vacancy assignment status?


How does business add-ins (badis) help in authorization?


What are personnel development plans?


What are the counting classes?


What is personnel action?