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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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What is the difference of between these two tables,, that are v_512w_d, and v_512w_b? and also let me the relation?


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What is the relationship between the processing class , cumulations and evaluation class in the schema.

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If I want Configure Half day Before Public Holiday and Half day Before Weekly Off " how can I do this?

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What is the difference of T020, T015, To16, and T010? And what is the difference of automatic approval and manual approval.

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How do you identify the different info types of wage types? Can we will use the US payroll indirect evaluation modules in Indian payroll

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Where you will integrate the US payroll and benefits

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How will you create the Garnishment order type?

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what is the differene between a view and table? for eg what is v_512w and T_512w? what are the transaction codes for both?

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what is a dymanic action. Give me an example and its configuration?

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Where we will create the Vendor and vendor address?. Who is the vendor?

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what is TM00, TM01, TM02, TM04? WHEN THEY ARE USED?

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Anybody can you tell me the us payroll elements?


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1.what is user exit? 2.What is MSN 20, MSN 30 etc ? 3.What is RHINTE00,10,20 Etc? 4.What is work center and org unit? 5.What is cost centre and controlling area?

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What are the functions of Indian Payroll?


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Which activities are performed when you run a payroll in the simulation mode?


Integration between recruitment and personnel development?


What are positions?


What is the purpose of creating symbolic a/c, can we assign one symbolic a/c to multiple wage types ?


what are the methods for absence quota accrual?


What are the configuration to be performed for Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area? Please specify each step.


Explain difference between us and indian payroll?


What is the t code for payroll run?


Which report is used to change the status of several object records at the same time?


What is Hcm Master Data In Sap?


In which circumstances payroll is run for employees who belong to the same payroll area?


Which are the sub-modules in sap hr?


What is time management status ?


What is meant by valuating of base wage types?


What are the control indicators determined by the employee subgroup grouping for time management?