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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Hello frndz, i am learning sap sd and i would appreciate your assistance in very basic question to very complex ones.. for now i would like to understand the enterprise structure the relation between different organizational units like company, company code, sales organization, plant etc... and different types of master data in sap sd... it would be a great help if answer is provided with examples.. thank you in anticipation...

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Can I hide the conditions in export excise invoice in from standard configuration



In MTO, cust has order 100 quan, another cust place order same material 50 quant can we assign 50 quan to second cust in MTO process


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Can some one please explain exctact difference of enhancements and tickets and user exits please. Thanks in advance Rajesh.p


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What is the difference between Intercompany(order type) invoice type and normal ordertype. What kind of different condition types used. What are the differences.

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There is one legal entity IN10 under which there are 4 different plants 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have maintained plant number 1 in MMR and extended to plant 2, 3 and 4. Now I am creating one contract with plant number 2 however in material master data there is plant 1. with respect to Contract I am creating Debit Memo Request in DMR. However in DMR document i am getting plant 1 which I have maintained in MMR, However I have to get plant 2 which I have maintained in contract. Please tell me how to carry that plant 2 from contract to DMR ( RRB). Is it possible through standard SAP or Should I go to enhancement.

Tech Mahindra,

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why we will use different pricing procedures for a company code..what is the exact reason...?


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what is the benefits of combine division

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Dear friends, please clarify me what is the differents between vd01 and xd01 , what is main purpose of creating vd01 and xd01 while creating customer.

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Can we create a sales order without plant? Is plant is one of the parameter to create a sales order?

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how storage location determine in delivery document please answer


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what is the use of shipment cost info? and why we maintain shipment cost info in sales document(vov8)?


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What triggers automatic delivery in cash sales & rush order after saving sales order?


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Is there any way to give certain discounts to first 10 customers (not sales order) per day? (Scenario where flipkart offers discounts to first 10 customers with multiple id per day)


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Is there any control for credit check in pricing procedure?


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Explain the assignments among organizational units in sd


Explain the relationship between sales organizations, plants and company codes.


Kindly pls give me brief explanation about SAP SD CIN to under stand the basics & not give the entire configuration part it would be higly appreciated if some one help me at the earliest, regards, Srinu


How do you create sales organisation?


what is a distribution chain ?


What is higher level item category?


What is pricing in sales and distribution? Explain?


Give examples for standard output types in sd.


Name three areas/processes which use condition technique in sd?


Hi SD Gurus, what are the documents in which we use Output Determination starting with Sales order? Where do we use the output determination? I have been asked this question in a recent interview? It’s Urgent!!!!!! I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regard


Name at least five features that you can control for the item category?


What is sales office? How do you set up sales office?


What is a 'customer-material information record'?


What is a company?


What is delivery document?