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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I want to given discount for particular period. How do you configure


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Why business use different sales processes such as Third party, Individual Purchase Order, Make to order and Intercompany Sales.


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I have 20 different customers I want to use PR00 Rs.100 for first 10 customers and Rs.20 for next 10 customers. How do u configure.


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How system determines as special stock to normal stock in special business processes


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Why business use decentralised credit control Area


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I am MBA graduate and also i have an 2.3 years of experience in sales,i want to learn SAP in SD could you please suggest me which institute is the best one in Hyderabad.


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When a sales order contains normal(norm) and third party items(bans) how does the material reacts? Next order comes as make to order(0001), another is BOM. So every time we have to change the item category group in mm02 OR is there a process to expand the same material with norm, bans, 0001, erla?

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While a Quotation is created, it has to be approved by some authorized person, how to configure this


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Why we seperate Delivery document type in case of cash sale. I mean why we can't use normal delivery type


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In third party sales i am getting error "NOT POSSIBLE CONSUMPTION ACCOUNT DETERMINATION" Please help me how to resolve it Thanks in advance Ravindra 9535785219

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Dear Gurus, Can u please post some real time tickets with solutions and what are the different tools used in Support SD consultant and their team size

Infosys, TCS,


Dear Gurus, Can u please tell me the team size of Implementation project, how many different modules Consultant Involves to finish successful project


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Dear Gurus, At the time of PGI at MTO I am getting below error Item 000001 in sales documents does not exist Can u please rectify me where my fault is


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What is factoring discount RL00 and factoring discount tax MW15 while processing Invoice List(VF21)? What is the significance of these 2 condition types in VF21? If we don't put these 2 what will be the result? Please explain.

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What is the meaning of customer/ material with release status while saving condition record of PR00? Plz explain the meaning of release status.

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What are the condition record and condition table?


Define the customer taxes in ovk3, you will maintain the tax code in customer master.


What are the views in a material master?


What is the difference between make-to-order production with and without assembly processing?


What about your experience with EDI idoc, can you elaborate a bit of what’s your experience working with EDI and IDoc?


How do you define tax relevancy of master records?


How does SAP get to know whether the material is available or not? how does it determine MAD? What exactly happens in sending TOR?


How is sap transportation management licensed by sap? : transportation management


Define tax determination rules


At which levels in the sales document can you have different incompletion procedures?


What is availability check?


How do we transfer stocks under one company code from plant to plant?


Hi this is bhargava here,I have 3months experience in marketing,& i have done SAP-SD.I need 1 offer in IT sector,any one help me plz.If u want 2 suggest me then mail me


What are the different complaint process documents in sap sd. Explain.


If you want to create language specific sales texts for your material master, would you have to create a new material master record?