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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is the reason of combine sales org, combine dc, combine div because if we combine these every time we have to assign the document types with it? So what is the benefit of combining this?

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What is the benefit of using VK31 instead of VK11?

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Hi i am looking for sap sd real time faculty. please help me.. Thanks in advance

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Hello, There.. I am doing job in Havells India Ltd . as commercial officer. i am using SAP - SD module, where i am doing billing. mis reporting work by using T-code: va01,va02,mb52,mmbe and other Etc. so friends please suggest me if i want to apply for job for other company what should be i write for my work in SAP in my resume ? or also let me know how can i find my this work releted job: is there any category difine for this type of job ?

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What is the movement type in Third Party Sales?

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Please specify document flow in Third Party returns process?

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Please specify document flow in STO Returns?

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I want to give rebate to the customers only those have achieved the target (say 1000 qnt. or more/ Rs. 50,000 in price) of a material in the respective period, how to configure this? (other customers who have not reached the target will not get the rebate


Difference between workbench request and customising request


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What is Freezing stage in Business Blue print in asap methodology


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How data collected from client side before implementing the project


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How request transport fron one server to another and what is the role of functional and Basis consultant.


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What is your role in implementation project


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Dear Gurus, I am a orthopaedically challenged, finished SAP SD module and now searching for job trails in SAP. I came to know that from one of my friend, companies wont give importance to me bcoz of my disability as the job requires extensive travelling and visiting client's place. I am little bit afraid as I done wrong module. Is it true ? please reply me on Priority.


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1)what are ticket tools used in production support project. 2)how the system work in price

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Hi Friends, Can you please let me know the difference between user exist and Routines


What is a sales organization?


How to have one pricing at sales order level and different pricing at invoice level? what are the configuration to be done for this?


How to create the source and target database connections in the server manager?


Hey hi........ I need 2 attend an interview...... presently am workin as SAP-SD support consultent, plz guide me wat the questions wil b asked by an interviwer as I go further as a consultent.... plz rply me urgently.......... I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards


Does sap transportation management come bundled with geographical information systems (gis) capabilities? : transportation management


What is sap transport layer? : transportation management


What is the path to define condition type in sap for pricing?


What are the influence factors for account determination for invoices?


What are the purposes of the number range objects J_1IEXCLOC and J_1IEXCINV? In which conditions 1. either of the two, or 2. both the objects should be used?


Hi, I have advance payment scenario where customer want advance payment cannot be used against another sales order and against any credit limit. Let me put one example. Customer X is having credit limit of 1000 USD, if my client is received customized product order then he will take advance for this special order but customer X is already enjoying credit limit of 1000 USD. In this scenario my client wants advance payment received cannot use against any sales order and against any credit limit. If I will post advance payment in F-29 then customer credit exposure will decrease against credit limit in FD32 which will affect normal sales order credit limit. Here customer does not want to utilize advance payment against credit limit of customer which is use for normal sales order. Please suggest


how to fill the GAPs in BBP?give me one example thanks in advance venkatesh


What is an outline agreement?


explain requirement class and requiremnt type in detail with business examples


What are the different types of partial agreements available in sap sd ?