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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What is KPO?

ArcGate, IBM, Intel, KPO, Wipro,

12 66947

What is HRO?

Human Resources, Wipro, WNS,

1 26375

What do I need to enter the BPO arena?

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What is IVR?


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if u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school?

Kankei, TCS, Zenta,

11 23296

tell me something abt ur dream?

HCL, Knoah,

19 27461

how imp is smile to u?

IBM, Nipuna,

13 20000

if u win 1 crore rupees what will u do ?

EXL, Genpact, Medha, Medha Servo, Pharma, Portland, Wipro,

131 187939

tell me something abt ur watch?

2 7757

which 2 major changes u prefer for mumbai city and y?


2 7168

how imp is computer in todays world?


10 22824

what do you prefer to be paper or pen and y?

1 8458

tell me something abt colour pink? and blue?

C3I, R N Exports,

7 29679

if u became P.M of this country what the best u can do for it?

IBM, Sitel,

25 32200

tell me about yourself introduction?

Banking, HDFC, IBM, Microsoft, Salix, Satyam, Sitel, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Tricom, Van Heusen,

55 151807

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Iam a fresher. I completed B.TECH in June 2008. what have u been doing after june 2008?


HI! I am fresher to call centre and would like to work in this field. Can anyone explain me how to get started as a fresher with no knowledge of interview,group discussion, jam sesion etc.


What are the major sectors for outsourcing? : bpo


If our call center is involved in activities that bend many laws, would you work with us?


problems and consequences of bpo ?


Do you get along well with co-workers?


Would you take up this job if we offered it to you?


hey guyss plzz tel me dat ... i can speak in english but not dat much .. bt now dayz m wrk hardly 2 improve my english..soo wat i shud thnk dat ....i have best future in bpo or call center ... my frndz said dat .. call center is short time period job is it .. ???


hi ive done my pg in life sciences so why do u want to join BPO rather than going to research institute


Tell something about u r favourite holiday destination?


women in politics


I have,on an average spent 2.5 years in every company that I have worked for. Only this time I am planing to move out in 6 months. I am being asked the same question in every interview, as to why I am leaving so soon. I cant tell them that I do not like the current company that I am working for. What is the best answer that I can possibly give? I am being judged for stability wihch is not true in my case


which one do u prefer idly vs pizza why ?


Any idea relating marketing project for a b-school....


If you are given a chance to be a president what should be the first thing you gonna do? and why?