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In this question, I rename the numeric variable phone to numphone and then try use phone=put(numphone,comma16.) to store the numeric value numphone as a string value in phone. But I get a warning tha numphone already exists and in the data sat phone doesnt exist and numphone is set to missing. Why? data names_and_more; input Name $20. Phone : comma16. Height & $10. Mixed & $8.; Name = tranwrd(Name,' ',' '); rename phone = numphone; phone = put(numphone,comma16.); datalines; Roger Cody 9,087,821,234 5ft. 10in. 50 1/8 Thomas Jefferson 3,158,488,484 6ft. 1in. 23 1/2 Marco Polo 8,001,234,567 5Ft. 6in. 40 Brian Watson 5,183,551,766 5ft. 10in 89 3/4 Michael DeMarco 4,452,322,233 6ft. 76 1/3 ;

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Any one help me plzzzz..... i have an assignment...... that is ______*********_______ Write a program that takes an equation as a string and does the following: Solve 8 parts to achieve 100% 1 - 5 are compulsory. Input: 2x^2+3x+4=0 1) read a quadratic equation 2) print its coefficients (coefficients range is 0 to 9) 3) print the solution of the equation 4) tackle imaginary solution e.g. ( (2+3i), (2-3i) ) 5) allow spaces within the input 6) after solving one equation; ask for an other, terminate on empty line. * 7) tackle negative values as well * 8) tackle more than one values of same exponent (e.g. 2x^2 + 3x^2 + 4x + 3 = 0)* 9) use strtok * 10) print the solution in fractions e.g. 1.5 should be printed as (1)1/2 * 11) coefficient can be greater than 9** 12) values on both sides of the ‘=’ sign** 13) plot the graph of the polynomial** 14) use a compiler other than Borland** 15) submit before May 25, 2009 11:59 PM ** _______******________ plz send me c++ code at

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Can we call SP inside a query?

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How to write functional test cases for send button in gmail.


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In Testing Methodology Why SSIT is called as Software Software Integration Testing? Why we can't call as Software Integration Testing(SIT)?


I want to do QTP Certification what is the pattern of Question paper.


An engineering college wants to automate their examination activities to speed up their work and maintain high-end accuracy of information. A brief overview of the proposed system is given below: The proposed examination system is consisting of 8 semesters spread across 9 branches (assume your own branch names) and spans over a period of 4 years. Each student belongs to a branch and must register for a minimum of 6 courses but not exceed 8 courses maximum. The scoring pattern for each course is given as below: Maximum marks for each course: 100 Pass: 35% Distinction: 70% and above First class: =>60% and <70% Second class: >50% and <60% Pass Class: >=35% and <50% The proposed system computes the result and announces the results every semester. The results must be accurate and all examination records will be maintained till the students leave the college. Develop a Test Strategy to test the proposed system. Your Test Strategy must include the following: • Test Plan • Testing Methodology to be followed • Test cases • Test effort estimation • Test Correction Mechanism Note: If you need more information on the requirement specification, you are permitted to assume along the same line but clearly specify the details.


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Give me two examples of HLD and LLD...


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How can I transfer the goods as consignment from plant to another plant ? Which configurations or set up should I maintain ?

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wat is excel


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Can we create universe with no cache??

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How do we see the data in Cluster table?


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how to send sms to mobile phone from oracle forms.

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how to send file attachment from oracle forms



What is CMMI?

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What are the different types of model available in coolplex


Give brief description about class?


What is an AMI? How do we implement it?


Hi,My name is Saurabh I have done BMS & currently working in Wipro BPO (1 year). I want to pursue my career in SAP. As I am totally new in the IT field(no course & no experience) Please could you suggest whether to do a certification from Certified institutes or Non Certified institutes.What is the difference? Also, Is MBA necessary to do certification from Certified institutes?


why should SYSIN DD * statement should not be included inside a PROCedure snippet??? please answer this.. i need to know.


How to write a code for reverse of string without using string functions?


Write some code using interfaces, virtual methods, and an abstract class`


In an htm form i have a button which makes us to open another page in will you do that?


when ever we are creating a rental contracts, if we go for the item level data in va44, revenue is not recognizing, which leads the plant and division is not copied in the item level data, please send if any one knows the answer ASAP.


Can any one explain about the project Approximate shortest distance computing:A query dependent local landmark scheme


how u burst the reports? if u r bursted reports is not reached to destination how u identify???


Through which protocol OLEDB components are interfaced?


who are the stake holders in gathering requirement of a new product


suppose we are using dynamic lookup cache and in lookup condition the record is succeeded but in target it is failed due to some reasons then what happened in the cache ?


Write JavaScript code to use file system in binary format?