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I have 3 cursors declared. Cursor1 retieves some data. Based on this curso2 will also fetches some data. In cursor3 (using for some updation) I'm using the data retrieved by the above 2 cursor. My question is, while working with cursor3, periodically if I give commit, will all the three crsors will be closed or only cursor3 will be closed?

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LOOKUP Condition is nothing but a Join condition? What type of join condition it,by default ? Using the LookUP Condition How many types of relational conditions we can make ?

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how to configure certificate authority in windows server 2003 and client systems.step by step.


how to configure additional domain controller in windows server 2003 in network & in backup

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select the 3rd maximum salary from sql server database if 4 (just an example In practically I may not know the exact situation) of the highest salaries are equal.


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dynamically allocate memory for linear array of n integers,store some elements in it and find some of them

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How can I disable the drill-down for the last level of my dimensional hierarchy ????

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1.What is the Maximum field length we can declare in RLU?? 2. What is the difference if your designing RLU using DDS and using the option 19 for the RLU??

2 6119 to extract the second highest salary from emp table having sal as a column which contains the salary of all employee of an organisation.

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Write a program which take a integer from user and tell whether the given variable is squar of some number or not. eg: is this number is 1,4,9,16... or not


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How to Synchronize the Browser at Field level? For example if you put Browser.sync(), it will wait upto for that Browser sync only. But It should wait upto total Browser get uploaded with all fields. Note : We don't know Which fields will come in that Browser. Means without knowing field names.


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What are templates? where we should use it?


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why dhcp is not used in a network for giving ip

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pls tell me briefly about APIPA

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can any one tell me how to implement tcng (Traffic Control Next Generation) with HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket) in Java?which particular class or API is used for that?



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What are the different types of infocube?


If youre unsure in which script a sys or system-owned object is created, but you know its in a script from a specific directory, what UNIX command from that directory structure can you run to find your answer?


When is peoplecode case sensitive?


Suppose that data is an array of 1000 integers. Write a single function call that will sort the 100 elements data [222] through data [321].


Did you create help views?


Which statement of python is used whenever a statement is required syntactically but the program needs no action?


What does adminclient api in kafka?


What are the callback annotations for the stateless bean?


 Explain what is sql override for a source taLle in a mapping?


How can link tag’s action attribute be used?


What are the two types of artificial intelligence?


What happens when you use several conditions in a query?


how to write the sub-queries in odi?


How does inheritance work in css?


is it possible to learn sap from book without any tutorial. if yes please mention the beginner,s book of sap and also make your valuable advice for self study of sap .