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CA Interview Questions
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What is the difference between static global and global ?

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What is core dump?

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How to debug the core dump?

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How to debug services on windows and daemons on unix?

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How debugger works internally?

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How a dll will be sharable by more than one exe?

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What is ARP and RARP?

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How to find the number of sockets created in your system?

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When the process is hung...what the immediate solution you will give?

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Give an example of Real-time application for TCP and UDP?

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What are different types of layout managers in java.awt package?

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How winrunner recognise window/object apart from GUI map file?

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How client makes connection with server in client/server architecture?

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Suppose there are two requests for 2 different pages of same site and from 2 different browsers, How Web server recognise the different request and send result to the exact sender browsers.


What is the Winrunner Framework in your organisation?

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CA Interview Questions

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