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CarrizalSoft Technologies Interview Questions
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What are version control tools? How are they use full can any body name few version control tools.

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How to write Negative test cases?

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What is Integration Testing and its types

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What are the three tiers of a three-tiered architecture?

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What are the five major technologies that can be used to create Client Server applications?

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What is a File server?

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What is the Classification of clients?

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What are called Non-GUI clients, GUI Clients and OOUI Clients?

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What are the benefits obtained by using the Client Server oriented TP Monitors Client Server applications?

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what is Upsizing,down-sizing?

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How do you optimize SQL queries ?

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How would you deal with a bug that no one wants to fix? Both the SDE and his lead have said they won?t fix it?

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Features and disadvantages of dataset?

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What do you mean by Requirment Coverage?

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What is checkout ?

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