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Genpact English Interview Questions
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why u join the genpact co,

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what is the importance of colours in life?

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why you join genpact?

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when will you seen after five years?


what did you do yesterday?

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hows your last weekend?

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when u loved someone and he/she is trying to throw a grenade in crowed place. wht u will do? do u kill him/her or not. THe answer shold be writeen altest one page. Please help me in this by posting the answer to


what is the account \ what is the account payable what is the account receible what is the internal adit

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what is inspection and supervision reports and their uses


how was ur last weekend

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recently which movie u seen

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tell me about jaipur city

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Any one please forward Lakshmi Vilas Bank solved question papers. Please...

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Genpact English Interview Questions

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