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Genpact APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is (1) Jaisalmer (2) Leh (3) Bikaner (4) Jodhpur

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Can i get previous papers for divisional accounts officer

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Hi,Viwes any body tell me how to prepare for DAO and which books is best for it?

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Genpact APPSC AllOther Interview Questions

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2. Dry saturated steam at 3.5 bar is expanded through a convergent nozzle to 2.2 bar. The exit area is 5 sq. cm. Calculate the exit velocity and mass flow rate, assuming isentropic expansion and super saturated flow. b) A cast iron cylinder head is fastened to a cylinder of 750mm bore with 12 stud bolts. The maximum pressure inside the cylinder is 3 Mpa. The stiffness of part is thrice the stiffness of the bolt. What should be the initial tightening load so that the point is leak proof at maximum pressure? Also choose a suitable bolt for the above application 2 The propeller shaft of a marine engine is to transmit 600 kW at 1200 rpm, without a significant bending. The efficiency of the propeller is 88% at 32 knots ( 1 knot = 1085 km/hr). If the slenderness ratio is less than 50 and the permissible shear stress should not exceed 65 Mpa. Determine the diameter of shaft. 3 A semi-elliptic leaf spring consists of two extra full-length leaves and six graduated length leaves, including the master leaf. Each leaf is 7.2 mm thick and 65 mm wide. The centre-to-centre distance between the two eyes is 1.3m. The leaves are pre-stressed in such a way that when the load is maximum, stress induced in all leaves are equal to 380 N/mm sq. Determine the maximum force that the spring can withstand


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