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Genpact QTP Interview Questions
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If u don't have any Knowledge on perticular application but they give that application to u for Testing ? Then How we wil move towards testing on that application?

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can u please explain what r the challenges u faced in ur automation testing

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1.what is the difference between childobjects and child items in qtp? 2.what is difference between a class and function? 3.can u convert ustimings to indian timings using vbscript? 4.i have scripts in one machine.can i run those scripts in another

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How to identify the objects using descriptive programming when the object property values are same, i mean in a page 10 objects are there i want to click the 6th object but all the object property values are same? using descriptive programming

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Tell me the difference between QTP9.2, QTP9.5 and QTP10.0

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How you will rate urself in QTP in the range of 0 to 5


What all challenges you have faced during automation and how you have resolved it?

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for example u can take ebay or plifcart online shoping web application--------- write acode in vbscript in qtp---- search box and write (iphone6)and click on go button then opened diff prise iphones in next page but u can select 30,000 to 90,000 list pls write code? 

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Genpact QTP Interview Questions

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