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Genpact SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Give the syntax of Inner,outer Join?"

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what are the diff page formats available in SMARTFORMS ?

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What is the difference between select single and select upto 1 rows?

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What is the exact difference between pooled table and cluster table and explain with examples?

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What are the diferent types of internal table available? How can we know the size of the internal tables?

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What happens when we initialized the internal table with OCCURS 5 ?

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What happens AT SELECTION SCREEN events?

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what will happen if you dont give any value in parameter and select options in report??will it fetch any value?

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I Developed Interactive report to display Customers, Sales Details and Delivery Priority? Why did u create these reports?what was the buisness requirements? what wer the inputs At Selection Screen?what was the output?how was the desighn of the screen?

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Is der any any alternative Statement instead of HIDE which u can use in reports?

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What is the use of AT Selection Screen output when we have At selection screen?Can u explain?

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How can u call a Report from a module pool program?

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Did u create the script or u have only modified?how did u modified Medruck?did u came across any errors while modifying?after adding the logo wer did u store that?

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how to find the driver program of a script without touching its print program?

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What is the difference between At first and On change control command.

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Genpact SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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