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Genpact USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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hi all i had backlogs in my engineering i completed my 4rth year in 2006 but had to wait till 2007 Dec to clear 3 backlogs now i m planning to give my visa interview in march as i got admit from national university California in my memo as i m a grad from jntu Hyderabad it says i finished my eng in dec 2007 so when the visa officer sees my eng certificates she will ask me what were u doing all these days if she realizes that i should have completed my eng in 2006 then what should i answer and also i worked only for 6 months meanwhile

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hi my name is syed i have completed my bca 6 yrs back and nw im planning to do mba in usa ?wat should i tell to cover this gap so that vo will b convinced..plz reply me as soon as possible

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Genpact USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

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