What is BRS?

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What is BRS?..

Answer / ramalakshmi krishnakumar

BRS means Bank Reconciliation Statement. The need to do
BRS is to validate the correctness of the statement and to
know any differences exists between the bank pass book and
cash book.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / suresh v

the different between cash book and bank book

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What is BRS?..

Answer / surya

Bank Reconciliation Statement it's short term is BRS. it's
use for rectify the balance of cash book in the name of
customer and pass book in the name of bank name .sometimes
these two books showing difference BRS is help for rectify
that balances.
for example:
customer issue a cheque to his friend.then customer enter a
cash book i issue one cheque to my friend. but not entered
in pass book bcoz bank will enter only collect the cheque
after only it will entered.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / arjun

brs is nothing just it shows the difference between cash
and bank balances

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What is BRS?..

Answer / rahul


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What is BRS?..

Answer / reva

Bank reconciliation statement is prepared with a view to
find out the causes responsible for the difference between
the balances of cash book and pass book and to reconcile
their balance.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / kv

bank reconciliation statement

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What is BRS?..

Answer / sam

brs stands for bank reconciliation statement. it is
prepared to reconcile the bank balance as per pass book and
cash book by analysing the reasons for the differences.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / mehraj wani

BRS is Bank Reconciliation Statement. It is mainly to
rectrify the descrepancies between Bank Pass Book and
Customer Cash Book.

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What is BRS?..

Answer / mohankumar r

To reconcile or match the difference between cash book bank
column with the pass book.

Merits are:
1.Error detection
2.Delay of collections are reduced.
3.Completeness of cashbook.
4.Chance of embezzlement are reduced.

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