What are different execution methods of executabls?

What are different execution methods of executabls?..

Answer / kiran kumar

FlexRpt The execution file is wrnitten using the
FlexReport API.

FlexSql The execution file is written using the FlexSql API.

Host The execution file is a host script.

Oracle Reports The execution file is an Oracle Reports file.

PL/SQL Stored Procedure The execution file is a stored

SQL*Loader The execution file is a SQL script.

SQL*Plus The execution file is a SQL*Plus script.

SQL*Report The execution file is a SQL*Report script.

Spawned The execution file is a C or Pro*C program.

Immediate The execution file is a program written to
run as a subroutine of the concurrent manager. We recommend
against defining new immediate concurrent programs, and
suggest you use either a PL/SQL Stored Procedure or a
Spawned C Program instead.

Composite Datatypes :
- Nested TABLE

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