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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Stipend and tenure of articleship period. Any leave period for preparation for exams.

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Which accounting systems are you familiar with?

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what is the uniform public construction cost accounting act?


clasification of accounts

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what is bpo

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company prepares accounts sometimes on cash basis , sometimes on accural basis A)TRUE B)FALSE C)SOMETIMES TRUE D)SOMETIMES FALSE

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after adjusting the amounts accountant of the company prepares which accounts??

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bills receivables shows which balance

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what is depreciation?

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what are the characteristics of financial accounting

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How many accounting standards in india

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Golden rules of accounting

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I am poor in written test. i ever qualify in written test so please keep a bank of america model paper

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What is Capital Expenditure

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Genpact Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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