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Genpact Interview Questions
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what is the difference between provision for bad debts and reserve for bad debts?

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Entry for prepaid expenses?

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what is inbound and outbound

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Hi friends, can you please send me GENPACT's Accounts Test Questions. Thanks in advance.

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how osi layers works tell me in detail i m facing so much of problems with osi layers plz kindly mail me on this question

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what is bank reconciliation statement

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What is the requirement of Subnet Mast in IP addressing ?

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what is accounts payable

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what balance does fixed assets show?

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Even if Trial balance tallies.there will show some errors why? what is the reason?

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How many types of Purchase Orders?

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Pass Journal Entry for the following Mr.A is running Furniture Business. He bought 10 chairs at Rs.1000 each. He used one chair for his personal use.

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if a company has to pay the salary in the month of april for the months of march,apil,and may to a person who joined in the company on 15march. what are the entries for the transaction ?

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What is means by ERS ?

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difference between windows 98, windows 2000 and windows XP


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Genpact Interview Questions

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