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Satyam Solaris General Interview Questions
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What are the last 2 columns listed with Vmstat? What is their significance?

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What are the monitoring tools do use ?

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What does ssh?

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What is master map?

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What is the cmd used to print default values get by user? Useradd –D

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What is the file holds default values get by user when new user is created ? /usr/sadm/defadduser

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What is the importance of shadow file?

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What is top cmd?

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What kind of issues you get?


What type of job tickets do u handle?

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command used to synchronize changes done in /etc/passwd to /etc/shadow file?

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dif. b/w group and netgroup?

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environment? Is it heterogeneous (mix of linux, solaris,other UNIX)?


how to check network card speed ? set it mode(half/full duplex)? ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-speed

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how to check network card speed ? set it mode(half/full duplex)? ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-speed ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-mode

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Satyam Solaris General Interview Questions

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