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Satyam Cognos Interview Questions
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Re: hi,dis is Hari.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out. my mail-id is, hope u will respond as soon as possible. thank u in advance


where exactly determinants are used in cognos framework manager?

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I have to apply drill through 1,2,7 out of 10 in order method, how can i do?

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what is requery in cognos?


Part 1 : Cognos 1.What are the technologies that are used in cognos? 2.What are complex reports? 3.What is page break? 4.What is layout component? 5.How do you use extract function? 6.What is the use of Crosstab space? 7.What is Rank()? 8.What is the use of Query calculation and layout calculation? 9.What is Slicer and Dicer? 10.How can you create users in Cognos? 11.What is last child member? 12.What is the use of Conditional blocks? 13.What is Conditional Formatting? 14.What is group span? 15.In which types of reports does the page breaks applicable? Is it applicable in excel reports? 16.I want to show a up arrow and down arrow image in cross tab report, if the revenue is > 5000 (up arrow) and if <5000 (down arrow)? How will you achieve this? 17.What are types of Filters in RS? What is Summary Filter and Detail Filter? 18.What is Cast Function? 19.How will you create prompts for the example like this : In a single report I want a) List report (Need a prompt for this) b) Crosstab report (Need a separate prompt for this) c) Chart ()(Need a separate prompt for this) Part II : Framework Manager (FM) 1. What is Determinant in FM? 2. What is Cardinality? 3. What are the types of filters used in FM? 4. Can we create cubes with Relational Data sources? 5. What is Aliasing and Shortcut? 6. What is Session Parameter & Parameter Maps? 7. How many types of securities that we have in FM? 8. What is Data Security in FM? Part III : Data warehousing 1.What are various types of Schemas? 2.What is Star Schema and Snow Flow Schema? Difference between both? 3.What is surrogate key? Part IV : Databases 1.What are NVL Functions? 2.What is left outer join? Give an Example? 3.Can we straightaway use the tables that we have in the database instead of creating the package’s FM and making use of them, through Report Studio (RS)?

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what is hints in cognos and where we use it.


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Satyam Cognos Interview Questions

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