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Satyam C Interview Questions
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is compiler do read the data line by line or not. ??

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how to print a statement in c without use of console statement ,with the help of if statement it should print

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Write a C Program to display the following menu: Menu 1. Display 2. Copy 3. Append 4. Exit Accept the choice (1-4) from the user, and perform the following tasks: Choice 1: Accept a file name from the user and display the file on screen Choice 2: Accept two file names, and copy first file to the second Choice 3: Accept two file names, and append second file to the first file Choice 4: Terminate the program

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how to find the largest element of array without using relational operater?

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to get a line of text and count the number of vowels in it

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what is the full form of c language

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write a c program to calculate the income tax of the employees in an organization where the conditions are given as. (I.T. = 0 if income <100000 I.T = 10% if income _< 200000 it = 20% if income >_ 200000)

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Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it(should not use big integers and exponential functions)

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what is printf

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write a program for egyptian fractions in c?

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Satyam C Interview Questions

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