what is the use of "swing time" in Load Runner?

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Answer / avnk

swing time is nothing but a elapsed tim this means reqest
transmision time,processing server,and reqest respond times

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Answer / sravan

Very Simple its "ROUND TRIP TIME" of any request.

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Answer / usha, usha_0383@yahoo.com

The time taken for request transmission, process in server
and response transmission is called swing time.

for example for request transmission 10sec
process in server taken time 20sec
response transmission time 10 sec

swing time = 10 + 20+ 10=>40sec

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Answer / illur iqbal

The Swing time is known as Elapsed Time. Elapsed time usage
us used to find the time taken in response time, processing
the server followed with transmission Etc.,

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Answer / chandra sekhar.k ibm 14 y-ex

a) Swing time is nothing but transactions time
b) Transactions are measure the server response time for any operation
c) Transaction response time is processing time on web, app, DB server and network latency
d) The following diagram illustrates Transaction Response Time.
Figure 1

e) Transaction Response Time = (t1 + t2 + t3 + t4 + t5 + t6 + t7 + t8 + t9) X 2
f) If more information call 9611678545
g) chandra sekhar.k IBM 14 y-ex

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