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Oracle Oracle Errors Interview Questions
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ORA-13223: duplicate entry for string in SDO_GEOM_METADATA

1 5062

ORA-16627: No standby databases support the overall protection mode.


ORA-01967: invalid option for CREATE CONTROLFILE

3 14077

ORA-02089: COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session

1 7954

ORA-02145: missing STORAGE option

1 3594

ORA-04022: nowait requested, but had to wait to lock dictionary object

2 10569

ORA-30087: Adding two datetime values is not allowed

1 5775

ORA-31514: change set string disabled due to capture error

1 5426

ORA-32106: array fetch not allowed without setBuffer on all columns

1 3567

ORA-39000: bad dump file specification

1 4748

ORA-06546: DDL statement is executed in an illegal context

1 9511

ORA-01100: database already mounted

2 24575

ORA-12519: TNS:no appropriate service handler found

1 4561

TNS-12564: TNS:connection refused

6 28081

give full details of this ORA-12988: cannot drop column from table owned by SYS

8 15564

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Oracle Oracle Errors Interview Questions

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