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Oracle Business Objects Interview Questions
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Can we take report on Excel in Business Objects?

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What are the security level used in BO?

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1)Difference between BO 5.1.2 and BO 6.5.1 and also BO XI (R2)?? 2)Difference between oracle 8i amd oracle 9i? 3)Difference between SQL and PL/SQL? 4)what is Broad cast Agent? 5)what is prompts? 6)master detail format means? 7)performance tuning of reports means? 8)ad-hoc reports means? 9)can't we generate reports without creating universe?

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what is tuning of business reports ?

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Can we link the Universes from two different sourcess?Explain?

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How to display the top 5 records along with the additional records,plus their sub and grand totals to be display in the same block.

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Oracle Business Objects Interview Questions

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