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Oracle Oracle Apps SCM Interview Questions
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waht is the difference between min-max planning and reorder point ?????

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Have you handled SR and worked with Oracle for resolution of issues? If yes, how do you assign the priority while raising a SR?

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1.Is it mandetory to recieve an expenses item,if we do not recieve what would be the PO status.? 2.Can we Open a closed PO.?If yes,How...?

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what is the significance of BILL OF LANDING PROGRAM in Order Management?

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I have approved purchase requisition and it's status is IN PROCESS and it will go next level they are also approved and WF notification has been approved and closed but still purchase requisition status is IN process.what is the reason? How can u resolve?this is the issue i faced in Oracle India.

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How can u put inventory on hand value is negative?

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how can we put sales order is on hold whenever we open the sales order form i want it will automatically go to hold without using credit check.How?

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Oracle Oracle Apps SCM Interview Questions

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