what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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Answer / praveena.g

In 1992, Oracle version 7 was released with support for
integrity constraints, stored procedures and triggers.

In 1997, Oracle version 8 was released with support for
object-oriented development and multimedia applications.

In 1999, Oracle 8i was released which is more in tune with
the needs of the Internet (The i in the name stands
for "Internet"). The database has a native Java Virtual

In 2001,Oracle 9i was released with 400 new features
including the facilty to read and write XML documents. 9i
also provided an option for Oracle RAC, or Real Application
Clusters,a computer cluster database, as replacement for
the Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) option.

In 2003,Oracle 10g was released. The g stands for "Grid";
one of the sales points of 10g is that it's "grid computing
I don't have idea on 11i

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Answer / avs_vamshi

i did not get the answer

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