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Oracle Core Java Interview Questions
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Difference between this(), super()?

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What is singleton class?

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM

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what is meant by string pooling?

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explain System.out.println

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What is compile time polymorphism?

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what is bytecode? watz the difference between machine code and bytecode?

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What is the basically use of finally while we know it is always executed but why?

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Read data from console and print in one file. That would be in C:\temp ? Thanks, Bose

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I have one POJO class(Java bean class), it has two variables for that it has setters and getters. Now i have created two objects for that class and i have set the data for those variables through this two objects. Now question is i want check whether those two objects have same data or not, for this write a program? Thanks, Bose.

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i need example for java abstraction. where we use abstraction and why we need abstraction.

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What are the Abstract Classes provided by Java?

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Why are inner classes required?

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How can we get one Interface methods whit out using implementation of interface

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Which is the best way of exception handling?

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Oracle Core Java Interview Questions

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