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Oracle QTP Interview Questions
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how you test broken link using the automated tool QTP ?

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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime

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I have thousands of links are there, i want check each and every funtionality of link by using descriptive programme, retrive link name from excelsheet then operate in application. Please anybody send me model script

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In VSS, HoW the documents send to local folder? copy paste or any other? plz explain about VSS TOOL kit?

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Consider a scenario where there are two action sheets say action 1 and action 2. Can Action 1 take values from action 2 data sheet or vice versa. If so, how?

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Could you please explain me about QTP framework.

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How to connect the remote desktop using QTP 9.2 explain the method or procedure?


What is your role and responsibilities in QTP with your current organization?

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you written some code in qtp for opening browser and entered some text inthe search text box and clicked search button. this is ur script.. before running this script i have already opened two browsers. now am running the script what will happen? script will run or what?? Thanks... Nani

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There is a table with 4 columns and 10 rows, how to write the script to display the first column records using qtp? can anybody help me with script?

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How to display the first 3 letters in these "ABCDEFGH" using qtp script?

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write a script for get the following result: username password frm the string1="A=username" string2="B=password"

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get the order no from the following orderdetails orderstring="ORD13456PNR" eg:13456

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write script for finding number of broken links in web page? kindly please answer my question.

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Write VB script to test given number is Prime Number

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Oracle QTP Interview Questions

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