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Oracle Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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What is the maximum number of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement?

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Oder of firing triggers in form

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What are Mandatory triggers to write in the block, which is created on view?

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what could be the problem if invoice_id is same in ap_invoices_all and ap_invoices_interface. while the Ord_id , invoice_num, and other things is diffrent .

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what are the functions you are used in utl_file at the time of transferring the data?

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what is back order in OM

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Can We Create a Synonym On Trigger?

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what are the different types of triggers in reports

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what are the different types of parameters avialable in reports?

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What is workflow?Explain with a example?

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can we use anchor propery in XML reports?if yes?explain?

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How to send the e-mail notification in XML Pub Report?

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what is the diff between custom.pll and form personalization? Tell me one example?

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How to insert data into two tables using single control file?

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How to know the number of invoices generated for one PO from front end (navigation)?

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Oracle Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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