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Oracle Linux AllOther Interview Questions
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1 which file contains information about os wether it's 32 bit or 64 bit os 2 difference between logical block and physical block?? 3 what is the size of logical block and physical block?? 4 daemon for nfs on client end as well as server end??? 5 how to confirm from client end about nfs server sharing?? 6 what contains information about file and directory creating time or modification time??

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User unable to login in server then how can u troubleshooting it? Example: server at Bangalore. in that server two users try to login in server. 1st user able to login. but second user unable to login so how can troubleshoot it ?

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1. User gaves df -h and the system get hanged. why ? 2. what is the hardlink and softlink mount ? 3. why is portmape should be started ? 4. what is nologin option 5. how to restrict users from accessing nfs ? 6. what is the difference between cpio and tar 7. what are the kernel parameters ? how to find out it ? 8. why we use sysctl.conf ? 9. if we gives init1 from multiuser runlevel, will it affect other users who already logged in to the system ? 10. what will be the available space to use after configuering raid5 with 5 disks each having 5gb spce ?


what is kernel panic error ? how will you fix it if you have face it after rebooting without the the help of rescue disk ?

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Oracle Linux AllOther Interview Questions

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