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Oracle Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is verification and Validation?

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what is internalization?

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You reported a Bug.The developers are saying that it's not a Bug even though it is..How you are going to prove that it's a Bug?

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How can a tester ensure that his\her test cases covers all the functionalities of a particular application?

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What is the test case, test scenario, test suit and explain differences bewteen the above ones

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What is meant by the bug state "Reproduce"

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This Question asked in Oracle Walk-in Write the content of high level design documents? Thanks in advance

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How to test URl of a website manualy?

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Did anyone have any experince with stocking in equity can you please tell me how to approach the project.I am a me please.give me ur suggestions.


What templates used to design the test cases?

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What are the methods you followed, while doing black box testing???

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IN V-Model, from where a tester involves and from where a developer will involve???

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How can we do security testing while testing a project

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Tell me the test cases for a search and replace functionality in a microsoft document (.doc)?

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wirte the test cases for triangle

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Oracle Manual Testing Interview Questions

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